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Leather Care

Your Barrington Brown product should last decades with the correct care and will develop a beautifully rich patina unique to the owner. It will also pick up small marks over time which reflect its use, in effect developing its own personality.

As vegetable-tanned leather does not come pre-treated with oils and waxes it is important to keep it from getting wet, at least for the first month. The leather fibres need time to soften and absorb natural oils from your hands which will make it more water-resistant over time.

It is also sensitive to high heat so if it does get wet do not attempt to dry it with a blow-dryer or other direct heat source.

The best way to care for your Barrington Brown item is to apply a good quality leather balm every couple of months. Using your fingers rub a small amount of the balm in to the leather and work it in in small circles. This should nourish the leather and replace essential oils to keep it supple.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at should you require any more advice on your leather.